Voices of LGA

is a curated collection of short interviews that will ask travelers every week a single question to reflect on what it means to travel. Just Listen:

What do you do when you have time to spare at the Airport? Travelers from around the world share what keeps them occupied before boarding.

Thanks to Alisa Genovese, Christian Sengaor, Edwin Jose, Mary Castro, Monk Geshe Norvule, Paul Toettenero, Tina Allan, and Julian Al.

Packing for a flight is usually annoying, but we carry with ourselves memories, hopes, and dreams. These are some of those meaningful things that people carry at LaGuardia.

Thanks to Afshan Bokhari, Brian Wang, Kesha Mair, Cecile Schelling, Ebany Rodriguez, Elsa Wilson, Nathan N, Som Ganguly, and Stella Strzyzowska Guillen.

The Marine Air Terminal (“Terminal A”), at LaGuardia Airport is the only active airport terminal in the US from the very first generation of passenger air travel; flying boats used to sail from here in the 1940s.

Passengers share what they love and what they would like to know about this space.